Chord Gitar Lagu Georgie and Her Rival Oleh Elvis Costello

Jika kamu nyariin kunci chord gitar untuk lagu Georgie and Her Rival, kamu berada di halaman yang tepat.
Kamu bisa mainin Georgie and Her Rival yang dinyanyiin oleh Elvis Costello pake gitar yang kamu suka.

Chord lagu Georgie and Her Rival punya ritme dan masuk dalam album Mighty Like a Rose (1991).
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Chord Gitar Georgie and Her Rival oleh Elvis Costello


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#Date: Sat, 7 Oct 95 21:10:33 UT
#from: Christian Korbanka, Cologne, Germany
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#lyrics and chords of:
#Georgie And Her Rival by
#Elvis Costello
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[Cm] [F] [Gmaj7]Georgie[G] grew to hate her name
It so[C]unded [D]
like a tiny man
[Gmaj7]And the[G] one she had said “I Can’t see you
[C] But I’ll [G]cal[D/Fis]l you, whe[C/E]never I can!
Sometimes th[G]e phone would ring,
When [D][C]
she was half asleep
A voice would drag her d[G]own
With [D]its sugg[C]estions
Though she [G]
often felt cheated,
[Eb]She never f[F]elt cheap
[Am]Well heaven
know what fills the heart
[Bb]And makes you feel [Dm]so alive
[C]It’s impossible to t[Em]ear apart
[Eb] [F] Georgie and her rival
[Gmaj7]It was [G]half-past february
[C] And he hadn'[D]t called since New Year’s day
[Gmaj7]Maybe [G]
he’d found another woman
To s[C]ay [G][D/Fis][C/E]
those word no chapel girl should say
Her mother would [G]
And al[D]ways keep her tal[C]king
Sh[G]e’d try to be polite
Ma[D]king fa[C]ces
[G]But somewhere in the back of her mind
[Eb]Her rival was [F]
[Am]Well heaven know what fills the heart
[Bb] [Dm] And makes you feel so alive
[C]It’s impossible to t[Em]ear
Ge[Eb]orgie and her ri[F]val
[Bm]Her [G]
rival would always wait
[Em]’Til the eighth or [F#]
nineth bell
[Bm]He’d be desperate an[G]yway and
as well
She al[Dm]ways like to [Dm7][Dm6][G]
hurt him to prove he was prepared
To l[Dm]ove [Dm7][Dm6]
her anyway that she wanted
[Dm6/G]So she could [G][Eb][F]
tell – which she preferred
[Gmaj7]He sat [G]up with his adressbook
[C] Trying to think[D] what mood he’s in
[Gmaj7]His fin[G]ger
traced past Georgie’s name
To so[C]meone who [G][D]
needed less persuading
He d[C]idn’t hear [D][G]
through her disguise
He d[C]idn’t leave her [G]in a [D]
Just l[C]ike the promise t[D]hat he l[G]eft
On[C] her machine that [G]always[D] made her [C]
The radio plays a lo[G]ver’s [D][C]
“The number you [G][D][C]
have dialed has been re-directed”
Now she puts [G]
him on the speaker-phone
Wh[Eb]enever she has com[F]pany
[Am]Well heaven know what fills the heart
[Bb]And makes [Dm]
you feel so alive
[C]It’s impossible to t[Em]ear apart
[Eb]Georgie and her [F]rival

Jika kamu pingin belajar mainin lagunya Elvis Costello, termasuk chord gitar Georgie and Her Rival.
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Jangan lupa selalu latihan untuk mainin gitar lagu Georgie and Her Rival. Awal-awal mungkin susah, semoga setelah terbiasa, nanti kamu bisa menguasai semua lagu Elvis Costello

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