Chord Gitar Lagu Sunset Oleh Marques Houston

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Chord Gitar Sunset oleh Marques Houston


Sunset – Marques Houston


Hi Guys it’s my first Tab and i hope you like it!


The Chords are Basically:Dm,G7,E,Am7
Dm is The Following

e|------5------| e|------1------|
B|------6------| B|------3------|
G|------7------| G|------2------|
D|------7------| Or D|------0------|
A|------5------| A|------0------|
E|------5------| E|------0------|

G7 is The Following

e|------3------| e|------1------|
B|------6------| B|------0------|
G|------4------| G|------0------|
D|------3------| Or D|------0------|
A|------5------| A|------2------|
E|------3------| E|------3------|

E is The Following


Am7 Is the Following


And that extra thing The guitarist does before he plays the chorus
Goes like this

e|----- 12-----|
G|------12-----| I'll just call this "S" So you know when to play it!

Here are the lyrics with the Chords:
Intro: Dm, G7, E, Am7

I r[Dm]emember the day you fi[G7]rst told me that
I[E] was the man that had your he[Am7]art
[Dm] [G7]
E[E]ver come and tear us a[Am7]part

S[Dm]o then people try to wa[G7]rn me about you
Sa[E]id that I should never trust [Am7]you
But so s[Dm]tupid me I di[G7]dn’t listen then
I l[E]et myself go fall in love with [Am7]you

(What happened to [Dm]us)
You were supposed to [G7]be my future
But [E]do I really have to take it right [Am7]back
(Are you really in l[Dm]ove)
Or was [G7]I just a game to p[E]rove to yourself
You could get [Am7]a man


You’re more b[Dm]eautiful than anything in this w[G7]orld
More precious t[E]han the rarest diamond or p[Am7]earl
And even t[Dm]hough we didn’t work out t[G7]ogether
You’re still my suns[E]et-set-set-set[Am7]

And I know that [Dm]you and I are two worlds a[G7]part
But you’ll al[E]ways be the one to have my h[Am7]eart
I’m gonna lo[Dm]ve you for now and for[G7]ever
Cause you’re my suns[E]et-set-set-set-[Am7]set

Your i[Dm]nnocent smile used to d[G7]rive me wild
Even th[E]ough you ain’t innocent at [Am7]all
And n[Dm]ow I feel so stupid cause I[G7]’m the only man
That e[E]ver loved you even with all your [Am7]flaws

Even your [Dm]best friend questioned [G7]why
I still wanted to b[E]e with you after knowing your [Am7]past
But [Dm]she didn’t understand inam7[G7] knowing your past
Was w[E]hy I thought we could past

(What happened to [Dm]us)
We had so[G7]mething special but
Was [E]I not good enough for [Am7]you
(Are you really in l[Dm]ove)
Catch some fl[G7]owers fly because without even t[E]rying

I still ended up hurting you and I’m sorry

You’re more be[Dm]autiful than anything in this wo[G7]rld
More precious t[E]han the rarest diamond or p[Am7]earl
And even th[Dm]ough we didn’t work out tog[G7]ether
You’re still my sun[E]set-set-set-se[Am7]t

And I know that [Dm]you and I are two worlds a[G7]part
But you’ll a[E]lways be the one to have my he[Am7]art
I’m gonna l[Dm]ove you for now and fo[G7]rever
Cause you’re my suns[E]et-set-set-set-s[Am7]et

Maybe one d[Dm]ay we’ll end up talking a[G7]gain
Maybe one d[E]ay we’ll go back to being just f[Am7]riends
Promise to l[Dm]ove you baby till my life [G7]ends
Cause you’re my suns[E]et-set-set-set-s[Am7]et

No matter what ha[Dm]ppened between me and y[G7]ou
I’ll always [E]be the man that you could run [Am7]to
I loved you t[Dm]hen I love you now and fo[G7]rever
Cause you’re my suns[E]et-set-set-s[Am7]et-set-set

Ending: Dm, G7, E, Am7 Then Repeat.

Thank you And i hope you Enjoyed It!
Please Rate Positively!
Peace, Jerry Coronel

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